Our Team

hessjobs-herbert-hessPresident: Herbert Hess M.Sc.
M.Sc. Physics (U Cincinnati) and B.Sc. Physics (CCNY). Herbert founded Hess Associates in Toronto in 1986. Herbert’s background includes over 10 years of award winning sales background with IBM and Storage Tek in both the US and Canada. His firm has been a member of National Personnel Associates for over 25 years. He has been an invited speaker at both University and Industry levels.
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hessjobs-paula-hessVP Recruiting Services: Paula Strasberg Ph.D
Ph.D. Biochemistry (McGill) and Certificate of Management (U Toronto). Paula has an over 20 year R&D background at McGill, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (NY), McMaster University, Hospital for Sick Children, and University of Toronto. She has held faculty positions at both McGill and U Toronto, and is an Emeritus Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics, specializing in Molecular Genetics. She joined Hess Associates in 1997 as a search consultant.
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Both Paula and Herbert are published scientific authors, have presented many research as well as industry-related seminars, and have conducted pertinent surveys. Hess Associates is often called upon by journalists to serve as a reliable source of information about the present and future state of the information technology and biopharmaceutical sectors.